Meditate to Activate Liberation of Your Powerful Mind

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To meditate is to free yourself,  to steep in the truth, and it’s the way to liberate yourself from the ego’s thought processes.  It is a free brain activating tool into higher states of consciousness.


Meditate to Open up Consciousness

You have most likely heard about mind control thru your own studies and research. One of the Marley brother’s wrote a song titled, “Mind Control”. I think it is a pretty great song. You can listen to it here.

In it he even says mind control is destruction of your soul. This is a major insight into what we need to do to free ourselves from mind control and that is to meditate.

Well it has been said that about 15% of the population is free of mind control utilizing certain technology to increase the brain wave activity thus allowing for the DNA activation to occur.

Some have thought that only the elite few had access to this type of liberation.

However, all of us have the opportunity to be apart of that group if we want to be. We have access to a free tool and that is Meditation. If one turn’s the switch on by increasing brain wave activity through the portal of meditation you too will be liberated.

A free mind is very hard to control.

What does this mean and why would I want it?

If you have never meditated before I suggest learning the fundamentals and allowing yourself to realize it is a wonderful asset that you have to harness into your consciousness.  Besides a path to liberation in this way you will also be able to more easily let go of unwanted thoughts.

If you have free thought and higher state of consciousness you will be more easily connected to your higher self, the truth of why you came here and more sensitive to your best life path.

Who doesn’t want to be on purpose living with presence to their true mission. Once you know what it is the best thing is to remind yourself daily of this purpose.

You can write it down and refine it as you go along your life journey. But to keep it in your focus at all times is the way to go through life with laser focus.

Meditate to Become the Witness

We can get all too caught up in this drama called life. But the more we meditate the more we can start to see through the looking glass at ourselves instead of inundated with the inner happenings of our lives.

When we create space and look at ourselves as the observer watching things becoming less intense.

With meditation we become more discerning and more tuned into what is really going on in our lives.

When a challenge comes up for example we might see it is all just our karma playing out and be more present to handle the situation with care.

It can be challenging to face ourselves in meditation because things come up like a boiling pot of water and we must see through the illusion and realize we are more than this ego self.

We are not numbed out but very present in those moments and it is here where deep insight can be brought to the front of our mind to be transformed for our highest good.

Do you have a Meditation Practice?

Do you have a meditation practice? What is your preferred method of sitting in meditation? Is it in nature, at home in a quiet room undisturbed? Or maybe you enjoy guided meditations to assist you through blocks.

Let me know in the comments below or send me a message on my contact form.

If you are looking for guided meditations to expand your consciousness you can check them out here.

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