Living Spring Water, the Great Healer.

I just got back from a magical journey of exploring Northern California and although all parts of the trip were incredible harvesting fresh spring water was at the top of my list! Image

This spring was flowing cool, clean water and it was such a gift to receive the bounty of the earth’s water flow.  This particular spring is gravity fed and pumps up into this spring here. Spring water has levitational qualities due to its ormus (mineral elements with consciousness) content and the magic of its very nature. When we drink spring water we become more in tune to the natural bio rhythms of the earth.

The sacred water’s of the earth can be used to heal people.  Geothermal hot and cold springs exist all over the world. Seek and ye shall find.

Recently I took a journey up to Harbin Hot Springs. The waters there flow from the earth. You can enjoy hot/cold therapy in different pools there. Switching from extreme cold spring water to intense hot spring water strengthens the lymphatic system detoxifying and rejuvenating the organs. This has youthifying and strengthening effects on the entire bio field of the body.  This area also offered incredible hiking trails. I went running on a trail called Spiritual Path and ended up on Ridge Trail where I came upon a male vortex and sacred rock formations. A male vortex works with the physical body. I could feel the magnetic presence of the field as beautiful red barked trees lined the trail.   It was really spectacular and the views from the trail were epic. Grounding on the earth by hiking and being in nature is a wonderful way to reset the body system.

Taking time to harvest spring water and experience the healing waters of the earth is an incredible experience. Find one near you and share your experience in the comment section below! Cheers.

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  1. Hi Dodhisattva! Love your blog! Just went to collect spring water for the first time the other day. Such a natural, magical and empowering experience I can’t believe I hadn’t done it before!
    Love and blessings, Chris

    1. Aloha Chris,
      That is wonderful. Great to hear from you. I feel that water is so foundational for our bodies yet so overlooked on a whole. Real Living Spring Water can do miracles on a cellular level to the body as you well know. Have a magic filled day. Love & Blessings!

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