Living Plant-based, Enzyme-rich, Cultured Foods

As we look at the United States and see how the foods we eat are directly related to the dis-eases in the body we may start to remember our essence and get back to the truth. Most diseases in the body relate directly to what we are feeding them. If we are truly conscious when we feed ourselves and embody breath work we would find bodies of radiance, vibrancy, with an abundance of energy creating a lean, clean and serene body, mind and spirit.  First I must say that there are many things that come into play beyond what you eat.  Your thoughts, your level of gratitude for this life, your cellular environment and exercise all play a role.  Today I am covering the nutritional aspect.  One of the most inspiring parts of my mentor and friend is that he is living proof (37 years)  that these dietary guidelines indeed work.  They are not only in compliance with the body ecology but they are also in alignment with mother earth and father sky. Today I am just going to share the nuts and bolts (pun intended), because this information relates to those glorious nuts and seeds we can thrive on.

Nuts and Seeds are an ital part of a plant based living food lifestyle. But, what most people are missing is the soaking, germinating and culturing of the nuts and seeds. This is the key to unlocking the proteins so that they can be converted into amino acids to manufacture a healthy body.  Below I will share a simple recipe in order to create an amazing culture.  With this culture you can make dressings, patte’s, yogurts and smoothies.

1 cup of Organic, Raw Almonds (most Almonds in the health food store have been cooked due to laws).

Soak these in pristine clean water for 24 to 48 hours changing the water periodically as it requires. Next, you want to drain the water off and put into the blender with some structured water and 1 or 2 scoopfuls of NCP  Probiotic Blend Powder or other high quality probiotics.  When this is the consistency you prefer store in a glass jar with a lid loosely placed on the top so that it will culture. On a hot day it may only take 3 hours, on a cool day it could take 6.  Once this has cultured, you can store in the refrigerator with the jar sealed.

**Almond Coconut Yogurt- Some time try adding coconut meat and coconut water instead of alkaline water.  Create your blended mixture and add the Probiotic.  This is a base for a delicious smoothie.

Blessings and Thank You for caring so much about your health.  Please contact me for more information.

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