Life is Epic & So Are You.

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Warning: This could trigger your old thoughts, beliefs and ways of being. Proceed with a open heart and let the mind relax.

Our beliefs can really gain a foot hold in our lives and end up sucking the life right out of us. I have seen it time and time again. In my own life and the lives of many others. The message is, for just a few seconds a day realize you may not know it all. The practice you think is so amazing or the things you do or believe in whether it has to do with food, spirituality, relationships etc.

Why not just put it all aside for once and let it all go. Maybe it isn’t the most epic way to live. 

I think when we hold onto this feeling like we know what is best for us and how to live we can also create loads of suffering. If your life on the outside looks great but on the inside is often topsy turvy this post is for you. For a moment let go of being right, being the teacher, being the know it all and clear your beliefs. All of them: the good, the great, the bad and the ugly.

Open up to something greater. Follow the clues once you open up to not knowing. These present themselves in feelings of what to do in the moment. Yes we were given our feelings for a very specific reason, to use them in deciding where to go, what to do and how to be. This translates as living an authentic life, living in integrity with your true nature and guiding you to your epic life. It gets dumbed down with psuedo feelings,  social programming, & mass marketing efforts to our subconscious if we are not careful to clear it.

You have to be really honest with yourself here.

Then renew yourself in each moment like a child. Proceed with innocence and wonder and take massive action to a new epic life. How do you take massive action? Realize it is your duty, and find the place inside you that offers massive energy from being in alignment with the source.

Admit you may not know what works. If your life on the surface looks grand but deep down you are not really feeling epic, just let go. Its paradoxical, this statement, because your seeming amazing practice may be the very thing that is hindering you from opening up to the ease, grace and flow of a truly epic life.

Why don’t we all just let it go, admit we don’t know and fully surrender to the unlimited possibilities that are available through humility. If we don’t do this, if we choose to hold on tight to our beliefs we choose then to lock ourselves into our current television program. If that is okay with you then so be it. But if not why not give it a try, let your beliefs go,  accept where you are and embrace an epic existence.

With so much judgement in the world about who is right, wrong or better or who knows how to get here or there or which leader can “save” our country better, its all just made up. The only one that can “help” you is you.

If we are to open up to the grace of life we need to have integrity for others free will choices yet stay steadfast to being an example of what real freedom and power is thru aligning with our own integrity first.

To me this looks like opening up to the infinite possibilities and grounding it into this life experience. We chose this life, we chose to come here and experience the wonders of this land, so take responsibility for yourself, open up that you may not really know even though you think you do.

Follow the deepest feelings of excitement that inspire you moment to moment and watch a new life unfold before your eyes thru the innocent eyes of perception.  You have the opportunity to enjoy this life, so go be it.

It is by example that we can do the most good in the world, not by our endless ranting or that we know the way.

The addictions to suffering and egoic beliefs are at a record high in the world.

How about letting go of that and moving into the truth of who you really are? Ground into the reality of what you chose here to do and make life epic.

I want to hear about your epic life, comment below and tell me how you are choosing to let go of any belief and open up to the innocence of infinity.

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