What’s The Opposite of Stress?

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The opposite of stress is faith and trust. Society gets programmed constantly without even really being aware of it or some of us are programmed knowingly.

The question is,  how do you program yourself on a daily basis to stay in a higher frequency to cultivate more faith and more trust?

It is said that even the faith of a mustard seed is all you need. Then the universe and its divine powers can come and meet you where you are at. Our humility is also one of our greatest virtues. The more we let go of the lower frequency of stress and stubbornness, the more we can open up to see our reality with truth.


If we are always in a rush and operating from fear and stress it will be challenging to create anything useful in this life. We will likely be stuck in fight or flight mode,  which will  give us the lesson of constantly fighting for food, shelter and clothing. These are basic needs that are everyone’s birth right.


When we settle into our true nature which is worthy and powerful of a wonderful living space, food that nourishes and clothing that suits us we magnetize these things with ease.


We then have more consciousness to do what we really came here to do. We can slow down and actually create more in that stillness. There are many booby traps today that we have created as self sabotage mechanisms like constant stimulation, negative belief systems and chemical and biological warfare. But with that said, the opposite exists and that is the dichotomy and within it is the solution.


We can slow down, take a deep breath and cultivate a relationship with the cosmic energy we were born from.


When we consistently tap into our true nature, life supports us and we support life in fulfilling our mission. We come out of fight or flight mode, away from diseased bodies and diseased states of consciousness.


We realize that in order to complete our mission we must live a slower, deeper life that sees life like a diamond. It has many angles and facets. So too does the hologram of life.  Life exists with many time lines and parallel realities, we have access to different layers as our consciousness shifts.


It starts with trust and faith.  When stress arises it is an opportunity to start releasing the program and installing a new powerful belief so that over time the circuit is re-wired and we create a powerful pattern in accordance with the will of creation.


So how are you opening up to more faith and trust?  The Cosmic Laws of the Universe are far more powerful than any laws here on Earth that may or may not be based in TRUTH.


So might as well start tapping into the truth of the Cosmos and learning these laws that can put you in a powerful position to create a super natural existence.

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