Keeping Up With Spring Detox

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Anyone following The Sacred Backyard knows we are deep into our Spring Cleanse. At the present we are knee deep in the harmful organism cleanse (parasite cleanse). Our approach is to absolutely change our bio-field first and foremost by shifting our thoughts to brighter ones, gracefully surrendering our burdens, fears and doubts and physically moving towards wholeness through conducting the protocols to clean the filters of the body and keep the bio-terrain healthy and full of friendly microbes. So in doing we are at the end of the 6 week parasite cleanse. The life span of a typical harmful organism is 6 weeks so you want to do it for the full time. During these weeks its possible to experience strong or mild detoxification symptoms depending on the individual. It’s a great time to nourish the body with cleansing alkaline and cultured foods.  As well as controlled ferments such as coconut yogurt which I have talked and shared in past posts.

For me I am now experiencing really deep sleep. I feel like my sleep has gotten so much more rejuvenating and wow its a great feeling. Also, my body has really adjusted to the natural circadian rhythm which is extremely important for body rejuvenation and hormonal health. Basically what this means is that the bodies clock is naturally ready to fully rest by 10pm so that the growth hormone can be released and healing can begin until 2pm.  Then the body naturally is cleansing and healing as long as a meal was not eaten before bed, in this case the body would have to work on digesting leaving you looking other than refreshed in the morning. Next naturally your body will get up just before or around sunrise and this is the natural circadian rhythm as light particles touch the skin from windows in your home. Its fascinating. Other pieces to really master the sleep cycle besides cleansing and healthful lifestyle approaches like exercise is getting out in the sun so the body knows full and well what time of day it is. This adjusts the natural clock inside of us. Sungazing at sunset is a great adjunct here.

Spring is a time to clean up the body, mind and heart to start fresh and new. Keep up with detox baths full of magnesium and shilajit for minerals. Skin brush with essential oils that promote lymph health.  Hydrate with electrolyte lemonade (check recipes) and other mineralizing liquids.

Enjoy all the bounty of spring and the wild foods that abound in most parts of the planet at this time. Purslane, Amaranth, wild fennel, horsetail and nettles.  All of these nutrient rich wild foods are growing all over right now. Add these into your spring detox protocol for superior health. If you don’t have these get a quality wild food green powder or something similar.

It’s also time to get ready for the third liver flush in the series and then purchase your heavy metal cleansing tool kit. With a colon cleanse, 3 liver flushes and a parasite cleanse checked off your list, your body is now ready to release chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals.


Your energy levels might be soaring now and your mental acuity is feeling sharp! Congrats these are the rewards. If not, keep at it, it takes time and consistency and we all are getting there.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the eyes are an extension of your brain tissue? Whatever is nourishing to the eyes is nourishing to the brain and vica versa!


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