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Has this happened to you before? Whatever you were doing last year at this time or several years back, it pops back into your consciousness. Perhaps its a specific song or music you were listening to. Or maybe you were doing a fast or cleanse a year ago at this time and so it sparks in your being to refresh and do this once again.

This happens to me often and I really enjoy the connections it brings into my current now moment. I feel inspiration from it and allows me to see the progress of my path.

8 years ago around this time I was about to get in my car fully packed up to move across the country with a Cactus for a co-pilot:) Yup I know sounds a bit crazy, but it was quite the adventure with this lil guy and much easier to make choices about when I would stop, what music I would listen to and gave me lots of time to be.

I left the east coast for the west coast…with my favorite antique wooden bench, a wooden crate with my books, and some other important items like an old school juicer and my favorite clothes.

I took the journey from Ocean City Maryland to start a fresh new life in Sunny Southern California. It took me 3 1/2 days to travel across the country (a world record I would say for someone to travel cross country solo style) as tumble weeds grazed my window thru the winds of Texas, the sunset blessed my eyes in Arizona and the coast of California sparked my soul once again.

The Original Stone
The Original Stone
Just before leaving I had a necklace custom made for me from an incredibly gifted jewelry maker in Arizona. The necklace was made with a lot of thought. It was made out of triple grade Larimar and the sides had chunks of larimar with ambronite crystals woven thru.

Larimar is a special stone to me. It comes from a single sourced place in the world, the Dominican Republic and it can only be mined by hand as its a very fragile stone. Larimar is the Atlantis and Dolphin stone. It also aligns special souls together in their lifetime. It is cleansing and healing for the throat chakra alleviating feelings of guilt and fear.

Ambronite is the success stone bringing you to your true dharma and purpose. It invokes peace and the rememberance of our responsiblities to one another, to help one another.

Success, Dharma, Helping Others
Success, Dharma, Helping Others

Years went by as I expanded, grew and evolved to new heights in California. I wore the necklace for a long time and then at one point retired it for a while. One year around the time it was made, I was inspired to bring it back out of my special box of jewelery for a retreat being held in Arizona on some very sacred land.

It’s called Eden and it’s a place with 6 geothermal hot springs, true healing waters and the land emanates some really power and sustenance. It’s a special vortex that must be experienced to know it well.

Any way it was there that my necklace became cleansed and recharged. The stones energy was amplified on the land and as I hugged a friend goodbye on the last day of the retreat the necklace broke and tiny little pieces of crystal fell to the ground. Some pieces I was able to collect and of course the large piece I brushed off from the ground sort of startled by the whole thing and put it into my pocket. I realized there was some divine reason for this.

I went to spend one more soak in the healing waters and as I did I told one of the other sister’s there about what had happened to my necklace.

She shared, “You know when something like that happens on this land it’s likely asking for you to leave a gift with her, to mother earth…It will often bring forth more of what you want.” I thought about this, hmmmm. Shall I leave these pieces of my necklace in the waters? It made sense inside me.

And so I did, many pieces of larimar and ambronite I gifted back to the waters. I picked one of the smallest hot springs to gift back to the land. The shape of this particular hot spring formed a heart and reminded me of a small hot tub. I watched as the stones sunk to the very bottom to be with their other mineral friends.

I let go and surrendered. I have kept the big piece of Larimar with me and have not worn it much since but was inspired to get it back out tonight as the memories were rekindled in my heart of traveling across the country 8 years ago around this very time.

Our lives are woven with magic and wonder. We only have to wake up to this divine thread that is here for all of us. It takes lots of forgiveness, prayer and discipline to do this.

Our forgiveness work is not for just ourselves but for our past and future lineage line. It opens the gateway to experience the wonder in this natural world. It frees the soul from kharma.

How do you know you are experiencing the wonder, the magic or the grace? You know it as an internal innate feeling and you will be offered clues unique to you.

Oh the wonder of this life. Stay in amazement and wonder. Keep your innocence at the core of your being. Watch the movie unfold with the bestest of expectations and bring forth your wildest dreams.

Your word is your song, your song is your movie. You are the creator and director of your life. Remember your soul song. Appreciate life. For life begets life.

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