Ideal Cellular Resonance


How can we achieve ideal cellular resonance in our life time? Quantum Physics now validates and supports the documentation of the bio-field and the energy around our body. It is not some pie in the sky or woo woo concept anymore but a real field that can be calibrated and does in fact allow us to either experience radiant health or sub par health.

Let’s go back to the beginning when we are born. Life begins in the womb and with the fluids we are surrounded in, within our Mother.  To create a healthy environment for a child our bodies would need to be low in unhealthy bacteria and quite high in healthy bacteria, a ratio of 5 : 95 percent. To do this one would clean up their lifestyle, create harmony in their body, mind and spirit thru cell and soul cleansing. It takes a real masterful program to do this. Most people are loaded with heavy metals, low level infections and viruses. In fact most breast milk has lots of pcbs, dioxins (also known as POP’s, persistent organic pollutants) and heavy metals according to laboratory analysis.

So let’s say a mother birth’s a healthy baby thru the birth canal and the child gets the clear coating, then they also receive clean, healthy colostrum and breast milk.  This gives the child a huge advantage in life because colostrum is teaming with anti-bodies that keep viruses and bacteria at bay. It allows the bio field to be strong and able to handle scars and traumas that happen through out life. They can heal energetically much more efficient than most.

Then take the other example, a child that did not get the beneficial coating at birth, they were born thru a c-section or the mother fed them formula and did not give them the gift of colostrum/breast milk teaming with healthy fats, proteins and immune boosting constituents. This child now requires more assistance from other methods in order to stay strong and healthy through life and keep the bio field strong.

And these interference fields may not show up for years or decades even. For example, a woman receives a hysterectomy and wonders why years later she can not get rid of stubborn belly fat around her mid-section. Or a man receives a blow to the mouth during football in his early years and a decade later, has prostate issues.

These things can and usually are directly introduced due to the interference field created on the mid/center line of the body sedating energy flow up the main channel of the body.

These are just a couple examples that have been validated and confirmed through extensive testing and results through Dr. Linda Forbes of Premier Research Labs.

So what do we do to regain ideal cellular resonance to the bio field? We first must open our mind to a new paradigm and get out of the boxed thinking that we are only to address the foods we eat or the lifestyle upgrades we think are best.

Now we must take a look at any scars or traumas our body may have received. We may not even realize they are there and that is when a qualified professional can check the field for these disturbances. You could be walking around with a mouth or tooth infection and it was due to an interference field all along.

When we restore the field through locating these areas of the body and use specific techniques to remediate them, energy flows back thru this area and our body can reach zero point or ideal cell resonance. This then means a thimble full of nutrition can quench and nourish the body instead of boat loads full of expensive super foods. This is the quintessential information in health and wisdom of the ages.

If you know that you did not receive breast milk or were birthed as a c-section baby just take action now to do something for your body. Try colostrum powder and start giving your immune system and gut a healthy boost. Colostrum can help with a leaky gut and can give us increased immunity in today’s modern world. Colostrum should be the first 6 hour milking and be ethically handled making sure any baby calves receive their portion first. Ask the company you are thinking of purchasing from and make sure they do 3rd party lab checks to see that it is pure and clean.

Contact me for more info on how to upregulate the dna and keep your bio photonic energy beaming like the light you are. Blessings!

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