Hydrotherapy for the Cells


Cold showers are a low-cost, effective way of cleansing the body.  During an ice-cold water massage the capillaries open up. After these capillaries return to normal the blood returns to the organs and these organs are flushed.  This includes the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver. When this occurs the glands change their secretion.  The glands are the guardians of our health. So as we keep our glands young we remain young. You ask the question, What is youth? Young glands my friend. 

Cold Shower Benefits:
Radiant Skin
Capillaries Open
Organs are Flushed
Blood Chemistry remains young and healthy
Stimulates healthy glandular secretion
With this therapy your organs and circulatory will be rebuilt. 

Enjoy! Dodhisattva

Note: Information collected from “The Aquarian Teacher.”

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