How To Move Forward In Life..

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Do you notice how most people’s lives never really change much? Maybe this is what you are experiencing and so you did a search on the internet looking for real ways to move forward in your life.

If that is you or you want to help someone move forward in their life,  I have some great insights for you.  Once one hits their 30’s they often start to get more set in their ways or routines.  Why is this? Because our hard wired neural networks in the brain function on auto-pilot essentially and they have become well wired. 

We can try and “will” ourselves to change, we can make lists of what we are going to do or create picture boards of how we want things to look in our lives – But does this even work?

In order to change we have to be open to it first off. A lot of the time we have subconscious beliefs holding us back that we are not aware of.  We also have to surrender our attitude and our idea that we know it all and realize a greater plan is at work.

The real change occurs when we go deep into the recesses of our neural net and unplug the old programs and either create new ones or spark one’s that have been lying dormant for years…. or for some decades.

If you want a short cut way to seeing effortless change “out there” you have to do some deeper, smart work, “in here”.  

Your brain and mind are tools for consciousness and magnets for subtle energy.  When was the last time you really saw a huge shift in your life out there? If it was recent than you likely made some internal shift.

Maybe you set out to achieve your ideal weight and the action steps combined with feeling it and releasing your old stuck patterns created a result. Bravo!

Instead of making this hard, work smart and create a new vibration broad cast from your mind.

Just like the internet broadcasts a signal to connect, so do you. When your programs change and you release your addictions to suffering you open to magnetize new possibilities.  How often do you play the victim card or the “poor me” card?

The other key piece of the puzzle is to be greater than your environment (gain emotional strength from inside, not reacting to everything out there), greater than your body (if you are dealing with a physical challenge) and of course greater than the hard wired programming you have been running off of for years.  (Let go of the emotional addictions that have been running your life for you). How do you do that?

We have all heard that it is a good idea to be in the present moment, but why? It is likely because otherwise you are living out the dead past in the way of some limited belief or playing out the future causing the fight or flight response to control your life out there.

That does not work when it comes to your limitless nature. From your infinite self you are in surthrival mode, not survival mode. Here we are much more expanded and able to CREATE.  Sitting in self observation, reflection or meditation are all ways to cultivate the true self, the expanded sense of self.

If we stay addicted to the trauma, the hormones of stress and the life of predictability we will likely always get what we always have gotten. So many of us  live in the past and you can see this in the way homes are decorated, the way someone speaks, the way your life is playing out etc…

These actions lock in the past even more. Be wise about what your thoughts, words and deeds.  You can hear when someone is constantly referring to the past or making assumptions due to remembering the past. How well is that working out for you?

If you want change observe yourself and your environment. Start to practice! Just like anything new we must do it consistently to see lasting change. How much do your really want this?

So the key is to sit in meditation for the purpose of creating a new neural net. It also is a way to neutrally observe your actions, thoughts, and words so that you can decide what you do not want to be anymore. Your decision should be firm and complete. And you should also be clear about the kind of person you do want to be.

Once you open up to the void of creation you are in a place to receive new timelines and parallel realities where you can be open to tap into. It is here where you can surrender it all for a greater cosmic intelligence to put it together in a way that is just right for you.

To learn more inquire about a private session so we can get you on the right track. Watch life unfold in a remarkable way.

With pockets full of sunshine and until next time….lots of love.

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