How To Clear Your Field and Release Negative Entities

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Have you ever given it much thought that your field can be influenced by negative entities without you realizing it? Is it something that as you become more spiritually adept that you pay attention to?

Like it has been said the moth comes to the light. Often these entities are drawn to the light and we must have a tool to clear them from our space.

So how do we lovingly close off our aura to them and make sure they are sent safely on their way leaving our aura clear and strong?

We need to first close off our aura. Seal off your aura in a golden light.

Then call in your main teacher or guide. It could be Jesus, Baba Ji, White Eagle, Mother Mary, Buddha or one of the Ascended Masters or if you know your Main Spirit Guide call upon them now.

Then you can lovingly speak out to the negative entities saying: We speak to you from the lord God of our Being telling you all you are healed, forgiven lifted and enlightened.

Then ask your guide to take them to their perfect place and to go in peace. You may need to do this several times until you feel a shift.

While visiting James Gilliland on his ranch a few years back he taught this clearing prayer. It is helpful and simple to keep your aura strong and healthy.

I also like to do the Kundalini Yoga set Awaken the Ten Bodies to keep the energetic bodies strong and healthy.  Click on the link to see my blog post and learn more.

We have to remember that although we surely do live in a benevolent multiverse not all entities are of love and light and are lost souls. Even extraterrestrials are not always benevolent and there are some that are malevolent.

It is imperative we take precautions and keep our glow coats and aura sealed in a golden loving light. May you be blessed on your journey!

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