How to Calm Your Nervous System & See Through The Duality


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I am open to receive all of life before me so as to be open to the reality I want to see, and see thru the illusion I am currently seeing.

Eye learn to calm my nervous system with deep breathing, the em wave 2, closing off my left nostril when i feel intuitively guided to strengthen the right side, the divine feminine and tune into a subtle energy guiding my thoughts into a more harmonious state of existence, similarly when I need to open up the masculine I tune in and do so balancing these aspects of self.

The more I invest time in this practice the more my frequency shifts therefore changing what i see in my movie perhaps opening into a parallel reality. I create all the characters all the time in my movie, if i see something less than desirable i can take that as an indicator that i might want to calm my nervous system so i can see it thru a different lense or perception.

Now that I strengthen my PSN (parasympathetic nervous system) thru kundalini yoga, meditation, em wave, alternate nostril breathing and binaural beats I can see life more clearly. It was there all along once I surrendered and gave up the struggle. Which is available to all beings for free.

I fully receive life even if it seems like a sad or dark reality at time b/c it just shows me where my nervous system is which gives me the opportunity to be the observer and not ignore or turn my back on life which ultimately is just turning my back on me.

I can observe my thoughts and emotions as just that and let them pass by as they are rolling in and out with each new breath. The only real truth about a thought or an emotion is that it is one. I don’t need to put reasons on things or meaning to the way people act or how I have gotten to this point in my life.

I only need to be with what is here now and work on calming my nervous system and using the free tools of breath and soul consciousness thru meditation to power up and gain a more intimate connection to this invisible world that ultimately creates my reality.

So what shows up for me in each moment is only a measure of how connected or not connected i am to life and how open I am to receive it all and when the matrix of fight or flight or triggers sets in i can just use it simply as a guide to know it’s time to take a time out to get back into the holy flow.

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