How does our Face tell Us What is going on inside Our Body?

What an interesting concept, right? The face tells us everything we need to know about our health. We don’t really require fancy machines or crystal readings, lol!!

I am going to share a few things that will help you to know where to start when it comes to cleaning and healing your body.  First the eyes are the windows of the soul.  They gather information in the form of light and bring it into the body. If you sun gaze for the first 15 minutes of the day as the sun begins to come up and then do this for the last 15 minutes before it sets you will start to balance your brain chemistry and “decalcify” your pineal gland, which gets harden from S.A.D. diet as well as fluoridated water.

Your eyes will begin to strengthen and you may find over time you do not require reading glasses anymore. Another great way to strengthen the eyes is to focus on far away objects and hold for a few minutes.

In Chinese Medicine the face gives us insight into our internal world.  A good Chinese Doctor can look at the face and know exactly what is going on . So as for the face and how it reveals the truth, here are some insights:

When you have puffy bags under the eyes and/or wrinkles or any inflammation here you can be sure your kidneys are  in severe stress. They are full of mucus and full of stones. The colon is also overloaded and inflamed. The prostate is most likely swollen. Growths may be present on or around the heart.

When you have wrinkles on the sides of the eyes your liver is congested and your kidneys are in distress this will lead to arthritis, stones, hypothyroidsim, hormone imbalances, low energy and the list goes on.

If you notice lines around your mouth like from the nose area down around the lips the colon is congested and requires a cleaning. Let go of the emotions that are holding things in. Surrender to the greatness that you are!

Any mole or freckle on the face or on the body lets you know there is a similar growth inside your body. This could be a cyst, tumor, stones or other type of growth. There are meridian lines that run down the body and if you can link your mole to a meridian line you will know exactly where it is.  Over time as you clean and cleanse your body with a natural, enthusiastic, holistic approach your body will heal itself!

So here are just a few helpful hints, but just know everything is connected…your body shows you signs all the time and so it is really simple actually to know what is going on in there.  Become mindful of it’s messages and it will show you.

Life is meant to work and so is your body.  Now I don’t suggest going around and analyzing other’s faces or even your own, just become mindful and have compassion for the old ways of looking at treating our dis-eases and be thankful to know how to actually heal and take responsibility for your own health.

If you want to learn more about healing your body there is an ebook on my site:  called Heal Your Face. Get this and read and re-read it. Then take action! Markus Rothkranz wrote this book and it is changing lives left and right.

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