The Importance Of Castor Oil Packs in Your Health Regime

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The Castor Oil pack is certainly not a new phenomenon. The Romans called this plant the Palm of Christ or “Palma Chrisi” as to them it resembled the palms of Christ. Wow, as I think of this as a Reiki practitioner it really makes sense. I know that value of the hands as a channel for healing and with the castor oil pack as a similar tool on a target gland or organ for specific healing, creates a huge insight into the power of this ancient plant and your health.

And once you use this oil you will no doubt feel its healing/cleansing effects.

Edgar Cayce, the American mystic also talked openly about the healing of this oil and recommended it on the abdomen to help with a variety of ailments.

The main thing to remember is this oil is so thick that when applied liberally with heat can soak into the area and pull out toxins, reduce inflammation and can aid in the safe removal of toxic waste close to the surface area.

The main way I recommend using these packs is during cleansing protocols. For example, if you are doing a liver gallbladder flush be sure to administer a castor pack. What happens is it begins to soften any stones and pull toxins out, making your flush that much more successful.

If you are doing a parasite cleanse top the castor oil pack with some anti-parasitic essential oils like Rizols.

Crucial Points:

Always utilize Hexane Free and Cold Pressed Castor Oil. I also recommend a company that uses a dark colored bottle so that the oil is not exposed to much light (causing rancidity) if possible, Premier Research Labs is my suggestion.

Use 3-4 layers of an organic cotton flannel

Then place a plastic bag in over the flannel layers

Use a hot water bottle (available at Rite Aid or a drug store) over the pack or a no emf heating pad. I use the Earth wrappe by Premier Research Labs with rose quartz embedment for ultra healing.

Leave in place for 1 -2 hours. Lay with a towel under you to not ruin bedding or blankets.

Massage the area before and after to enhance results.

You can re-use these packs about 20 times. Store in a cool, dry place or in the freezer. Add more oil as needed.

Besides use during a liver flush i love to use the castor packs on the kidney adrenal axis when any issues in this area arise or if you’ve recently done a coffee enema. This is good support for kidney/adrenal after toxins have been released. Also if one has kidney stones or cysts the castor oil pack will help in them dissolving over time, as it penetrates the skin and invigorates blood flow to these crucial organs.

During a colon cleanse this is also a powerful adjunct. Or in acute situations, say you have a breakout of the skin or a rash use a castor pack to aid in the cleansing of this area.

One of the most crucial areas I have found to do a castor pack is the spleen. This is the main organ in our lymphatic system. Its truly a remarkable organ as it plays a crucial role in our immunity, its where our red blood cells are stored and also filters blood. Its amazing to see shifts in your lymph health with the adjunct of a castor pack. Doing this after a rebounding session (a powerful exercise for lymph cleansing) is really powerful.

BONUS: Below is from Dr. David Jubb’s PDF on a detox protocol with castor packs to de congest the entire lymph. Add this with a rebounding and non inflammatory BED diet and you have yourself a program.
Lymph System Reboot

2 days a week over the liver/abdomen area
to the right of your naval,

2 days a week over the spleen area
(bottom of left rib cage),

3 days a week over the Thymus gland
(just above the heart).
This will rejuvenate the adrenal glands, which
in turn will enhance the function of the thymus
gland, revitalizing the entire body.

Do the treatments daily for the first 4 weeks,
after which, do the treatments every other day,
once over the three target areas – liver, thymus, spleen.

So i trust this may be insightful to you on your journey. Enjoy the healing power of this plant and keep your body clean, happy, healthy and full of inspiration.

Be well my friends.

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