Hemp, The Superfood of the Nation

Hemp is an incredible life supporting and giving plant. It can grow in virtually any climate well and does not require the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides that most plants require to grow in abundance. Hemp is closer to a wild food in my opinion b/c of  its strength and durability where as most plants lack the strength and cellular integrity to grow on their own.

Hemp dry-retting

The uses for hemp are multi-fold.  Some of the applications are:

  • Paper
  • Food
  • Rope
  • Building Materials
  • Plastics
  • Body Care
  • Fabric/Textiles
  • Fuel

The utilization of hemp can literally save our forests.  This is crucial because our forests are where the fresh water dwells & oxygen supplies are found in abundance. Where it takes about 20 years for a tree to reach maturity it only takes a Hemp plant about 4 months.  With an abundant hemp crop flourishing we can reduce deforestation considerably while producing quality soil due to it’s nutrient content.

Building with hemp began in the 40’s when Henry Ford’s vehicle was made from the Hemp Plant. The body of the vehicle was created from the hemp resin. Because it was lighter in weight than a metal vehicle it got better gas mileage. The safety of the vehicle was also much higher than that of steel as it could handle about 10 times more pressure from an accident.

Experimental Hemp Car

Hemp seeds are an incredible source of protein and contain all of the essential amino acids that our bodies require from food sources.  The nutrient profile of hemp seed is:

  • 12 % carbohydrate
  • 35 % protein
  • 47 % fat

It also contains all the essential fatty acids required by the body and is super easily digested by the human body.

Hemp Protein Powder can be utilized in smoothies for an incredibly nourishing plant protein meal, or the hemp seeds can be made into fresh raw hempseed mylk.  I have also found that hempseed butter is delicious on sliced apples.  The silica content in the leaves of the plant is very high. This is super important for healthy bones, hair, skin, teeth & joints. The leaves can be blended, juiced or ground into a fine powder.

These are just a few important facts about the hemp plant and its astounding benefits to this planet.  I could write and write about this subject and probably will continue to share more information with you in regards to hemp. I utilize hemp in my clothing mainly and one day intend to utilize hemp for fueling my vehicle & creating insulation for my home.  I consume raw hemp seed, protein powder & the oil for creating delicious and nourishing creations in the kitchen.


Becoming aware of this plant and utilizing it in some way in your home assists with creating a paradigm shift on this planet. Whether it is for clothing, curtains, superfood nutrition, a rope ladder for your hemp house:) or whatever it may be, enjoy learning about hemp today and assist our world in remembering  the best future ever. Visit our hemp website here: http://www.hempaware.com/

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  1. Note: Hemp Seeds and any Hemp food product must be kept in a cool, dry place. This is a fragile seed which can go rancid very quickly and most people do not have the tuned sense in order to truly know if it is rancid. Please make sure to refrigerate and find the highest quality/caliber of standards when purchasing hemp products. Cheers!

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