Harvesting Wild Blackberries & Sage with the Full Moon

Yesterday the full moon was very powerful. As some of you know I enjoy full moon ceremonies and rituals. Some of these rituals include brewing herbal teas out on the earth for a full 24 hour period when the moon is full.  This increases the energy of my herbal tea mixtures. I also feel it is powerful to put your larger crystals or geod’s under the full moon to recharge and clear them.

Each full moon brings a unique and dynamic experience and this one was truly magical. The day before the full moon a few friends and I went sage picking along the dirt trails here in Southern California. The senses are enlivened as you walk these dirt trails and experience the earthy essences of the herbs that grow wildly along the trails. Anise, Thyme, Sage are just some of the beautiful wild plants that grow in abundance here. As we enjoyed our walk and graciously received the sage offerings our hemp bags were full of moist sage branches.

The night of the full moon we gathered these dried out sage piles into smudge sticks and then wrapped hemp twine around the bundles to create beautiful hand harvested sage sticks.  Sage has been known to be a masculine herb increasing psychic awareness and promoting longevity in those that utilize it for medicine. It is also a wonderful herb for cleansing your home, yourself or other objects. Sage resonates with the air element and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is considered the herb of wisdom and can call in your spirit guides to assist you along your long and healthful existence here. 

As the evening of the full moon progressed myself and some wonderful friends gathered by a fire pit for a wonderful evening of music and singing. We had guitars, conga drums, a harmonica, wooden flute and the beautiful voices of the soul’s that came to gather.  The land where we held this beautiful full moon ceremony felt insulated by the clouds and the freshly watered earth  and trees that garnished the space. Lime, tangelo, banana, avocado and other fruit trees lined the property as we felt nourished by the magnificence of the sacred full moon.

Today, the day after this ceremony I felt a magical flow of energy with me. As I drove north up to Thousand Oaks from Orange County I was graced with a thunder storm as I neared the exit to my sister’s home here. A beautiful gift to receive a message from the sky and a cleansing of rain just like that of the sage stick, cleansing our aura’s and enlivening our inner senses.

After the fresh rain fell and I made my super food colostrum ice cream (see the ital kitchen for recipe) I went for a walk to find the blackberries going off all over the path!  I brought them home with me by the handful and cleaned them so everyone could share the fruits of the earth!

Thankful am I for this magical life.

Note: I look forward to the blue moon that will soon be upon us. The date of the blue moon is August 31st 2012, enjoy this rare event with a ritual, ceremony or just a simple evening brewing your favorite herbal tea. I think a wonderful mix of  sage and schizandra berries would be a fine brew for the blue moon!

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