Grounding with the Earth and our Teacher the Sun

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Greetings! I only have a few moments for a quick post and I wanted to get this message out today.

Remember one of the greatest things we can do for the natural bio rhythm of our bodies is to get on the Earth. How many times do we really do this per day? I mean take off your shoes and socks and go barefoot.  Today my nephew would not fall asleep…you know what i did I held him barefoot out in the grass.  I even took him on the mini rebounder to help get him to sleep. It really calmed him down.

When we connect with the earth or hug a tree, go out in nature our bodies naturally come back into balance.  Do it and see how you feel! If you live where it is winter you can still get outside for a walk out in nature.

The other thing I wanted to mention is how the Sun is truly our teacher. It is such a beautiful day here in Southern California and I am headed to the Women’s Wellness Conference in Orange County. David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Tera Warner, Truth Caulkins along with many other health enthusiast’s will be there! As I was embracing the sun I realized wow…the sun just shines easy and effortlessly touching every single thing on the planet to give it warmth and light. What a great reminder of how we can also embody the sun’s wisdom and apply it in our own lives.  Even if the sun isn’t shining in your neck of the woods it is still there underneath those clouds.

After a great walk and some rebounding I am about ready to start my drive.  A few other tips for getting yourself properly grounded before driving thru LA;) could be:

  • Green Juice or a quality green superfood drink.
  • Where a water imploded pendant to keep aura strong.
  • keep a tektite stone on you to harmonize your field.
  • pranayama
  • when you get to your destination do some yoga and get on the earth.
  • inner smile to the body system

I look forward to sharing my experiences soon! Until then, shine like the sun:)

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