Fresh Pressed Green Juices and Sun Herb Tea Fast

On May 10th I began an inspired hiatus from food and began a wonderful extravaganza of fresh pressed juices and sun herb teas made with green rooibos, horsetail and different medicinal herbs.

During this time the use of Aloe has been essential. You can simply cut the sharp points off and leave the skin on, then create your juice with plenty of greens and blend in your aloe gently to not disrupt the enzyme activity too much. Aloe as I have mentioned in other post’s is incredibly healing to the body.

I also am enjoying one enema every other day along with implants of either wheat grass or high integrity coffee (premiere research labs).  From there I enjoy probiotics in liquid form as well as other medicinal things like pressed tumeric and sea weed powders to re-mineralize after the enema experience.

I also feel magnesium baths are crucial to reinstill the mineral content of the body.  Drinking plenty of clean water with Raw Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar is enjoyable too.

Today my juice consists of fresh kale from the garden, cilantro, baby onions, garlic, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, tumeric and loads of love.  This tastes nice and reminds me of a savory meal.

This morning I enjoyed watermelon juice with aloe blended in to soothe my digestive tract after an enema and coffee implant. To learn more about coffee implants please go to Dr. Gerson’s website.

Exercise has been wonderful and today I went for a long walk up corral canyon in Malibu where I could enjoy uphill, sustained walking for an extended amount of time to stimulate the lymph.  There is plenty of wild food growing right there in the canyon to pick and enjoy for juicing such as: fennel, dandelion, edible flowers, aloe etc…

This hiatus from food will probably last 21 to 30 days depending on my body’s wants/needs.

Really what fasting from food does for me is give my body a chance to heal up and cleanse from years of unconscious living and eating.  Also it is a chance to connect deeply with spirit and all of my creativity seems bountiful right now.  I have many ideas flowing through which is spirit granting me access to the abundance, kindness, love, expansion, beauty, and receptivity that I already am.  “Access Granted.”   Aahhhh Yes,…a wonderful feeling to be grateful for this life and all the divine moments.

Sun, Ocean Waves crashing, Clean Air, Love, Joy, Peace….Life is all about Intention.

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