Fireflies, The Tiny Light Bearer’s with a Magical Message.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area of the world where fire flies abound you are familiar with their beautiful glow and presence. Although the fire fly looks like an ordinary creature by day at night it shares its light and super power by illuminating a summer’s evening admist the sound of crickets and hot air.   Perhaps a spiritual message lies in this creature? It could be a reminder that although we look ordinary we all have a super inner power that awaits to be awakened and shared with the world.   It is what is on the inside that gives each one of us illumination and inspiration.

I remember as a child running around in the yard on hazy summer’s night collecting fire flies in my glass mason jar. I would fill the bottom with grass, catch a few fire flies and watch them glow in the jar. This is a magical awakening for a child to experience.

Through their glow they send us yet another message to consider.  As the fire fly  shine ‘s the light it’s intention is to attract the perfect mate, it is with precision and specific timing that the insect communicates to another fire fly. Ah ha, another insight from the light bearer.  As we lay down a foundation and precisely affirm what we want to see in our experience we resemble the firefly. As it attracts its perfect mate through intentional illumination we can see that the power of intention is real and indeed apart of a super natural lifestyle.

Often times some of us tend to get “burnt out” or feel like the process of creating what we want takes a lot of effort. We can learn from the fire fly as the light they shine requires no heat and not much energy to emanate.  It is simply a natural glow and effortless choice. It is a reminder that our natural free will choices are our birth right. As we truly surrender to the holy flow and ask only for the highest good and order of things we become a magnet for our best experiences and lives.

As the fire fly shares its wisdom it also provides clues on nutritional choices. These magical light bearer’s eat only small amounts of food to gain nourishment. They are fed from the Prana or life power that surrounds them. They teach us efficiency and creativity on how we replenish ourselves. As we adopt a nutrient rich life style we realize with high quality air, water herbs & foods our bodies only require small amounts of premium quality fuel.  They may also be showing us to become more efficient with our current resources and how to live harmonious within nature.

As fire flies grace our space we can be assured they are sending us illuminated messages for our soul growth. They give us the subtle message to become more earth friendly and listen to our inner guidance for the answers. The more we allow the light into our lives the more harmonious things occur thus allowing more beauty to weave into our daily experience.

Thanks be to the fireflies and there illuminated messages.  And be sure to stop by the Liquid Light Lounge & The Ital Kitchen for the latest greatest creations. Cheers!

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