Experience a Healing….

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I invite you to listen to this recording in a quiet place in a meditative state and experience your own healing. If you feel moved to sing, sing….May you be blessed with the grace of your own source.  Let the nurturing energy of this sound current fill your every cell and wash away your wounds.

In Your Grace, Maa…


In the light of your grace I walk on, Maa


Maa is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional archetypal sound. What happens if you open up to it, is an experience of the Sacred Mother Energy.

We all have a birth mother, which we can celebrate no matter if our upbringing was good, bad or ugly or maybe it was non existent.  Either way we can give thanks for the birth channel that was provided for us to experience this life.  Invoking this sound current creates a healing from wounds you may have with your mother.

This Sacred Mother Energy is where you truly originate and so it is a healing, remembering and rebirthing of your innate wisdom and invokes the infinite qualities in you.  It connects you back to your Multidimensional Mother and allows one to feel the sacred presence any time.

When you invoke the quality of the creative feminine energy you can create an everlasting youth quality embedded into the core of your being because that is your birthright and origination.

Would you like to harness your creative power in this dimension and share your God given talents? Then this is great to listen to. It will naturally bring forth a deeper honor and respect for the Sacred Mother Energy.

With both men and women listening to this song or chanting Maa we can create a peaceful haven of mutual respect and honor.  The opposite of this is hurt, abuse and ridicule. To know the polar opposite is to know a deeper aspect of self.  Much pain and suffering results when we lose sight of this sacred vibration and sound.

The power of creating children is a great honor and miracle women have. Other ways to utilize this creative power are multi-faceted like a diamond. As we honor this life giving energy both men and women we create a new way of being moving into different time, space frequencies.  To harness and manifest and create with this energy is the gift to all of humanity.  The more we honor it the more we continue to imbibe it for many many years, beyond what most society believes is true.

Meditate on this special song and allow yourself to experience a healing of your own creation.

Much love, respect and peace. Dodee

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