Essential Oils Enhance the Human Experience

Essential Oils are potent antidotes to many human ailments.  We can notice a subtle difference in our energy field as the first drop of a wild, artisan crafted essential oil drips into our skin. As the transmission is made into our DNA we are encoded with photonic light from the sacred botanical family.

Blue German Chamomile Oil

If you have not already heard of the Bach Flower Remedies you might go to your local library and peruse it to get an idea of how the botanical world can assist the body to heal, clear and become free of wounded thoughts that we may have picked up along our journey.

Once we have familiarized ourselves with the basics of the botanical family we then can hold a deep reverence for them. We begin to wake up to the importance of how they are ethically and lovingly created for us to utilize as medicine.

Seeking out the highest quality oils from those that adore these plant beings is of the highest importance. It is then that we can fully receive the benefits from the botanical family and bask in the photonic light they bring to us.

Living Libations which I offer here on my blog is an extraordinary company that chooses to only craft their oils from long, slow artisan distillers that can uniquely capture the magic and mystery from each plant essence.

Utilizing the oils in various forms in your sanctuary becomes a real joy. You begin to pick up the subtle frequencies they emanate.

For instance, Blue German Chamomile is one of my favorite oils right now. It is calming and restorative. I enjoy putting this on after bathing in the morning.

How about trying some essential oils on your skin brush in the morning. In past posts I mention the benefits of skin brushing for the lymph system. By adding a few drops of essential oils to your skin brush before showering you can enhance your results. For better circulation to certain parts of the body including areas that may have cellulite you might try the oils of Fennel, Juniper, Cedar, Rose, Grapefruit and Lemon to name a few. Just a few drops goes a long way.

I love to put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil or even Lemon Grass in my laundry. This helps to clean the fabrics better, neutralizing unfriendly microbes and gives your garments a wonderful essence.

Essential oils work on our subtle body as well as our physical body. We can utilize certain oils for wound healing like lavender and others for anxiety like the blue chamomile above.

Wild Vetiver
Wild Vetiver

When I am in a city or a congested space with lots of electro-magnetic frequencies I often opt for Vetiver Oil. This is more like a resin and is highly useful for grounding in any situation. I explain more about Vetiver on a recent Facebook post if you are interested to learn more.

Creating a face oil is an absolute must. I would highly recommend rose otto, carrot seed oil and frankincense.

Enjoy experimenting with essential oils while bathing and soak in the beauty of nature.

Outdoor Bath Soak
Outdoor Bath Soak

Allow the photonic light that all plants emanate to become apart of our day to day human experience.  I like to go out in nature and enjoy the beauty of a flower blooming or a hawk circling above,  the buzz of  bees soaking  up the vital nectar in some wild flowers. With this photonic exchange of reverent communication we heal on all levels.

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