The Essence Of The Earth (Mitti Attar)

the ganges river which flows through the northern plains of india is considered holy in hinduism every 12 years millions of hindus travel to the river in order to bathe in it and wash away their sins

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For thousands of years Attars were used to attract higher frequencies of the angelic realms and ward off evil energies. As spiritual assistants the Attar Essences have been revered through the ages.

Women of India would anoint their children in Mitti Attar to ease the transition to the earthly realm bringing comfort to the soul.

The word Attar is derived from the Persian word Atr which means fragrance. Unlike other essential oils that are extracted from plants and roots, Mitti Attar is extracted from the Earth.

The sun cloaked summers in India create a baked earth. This, cracked and parched earth, coupled with the first sacred rain  is the essence of Mitti Attar. Captured through a unique distillation process, the aromatics have a rare and mystical earth/ether signature.

Mitti Attar is traditionally hydro distilled. The degs sit over fire and as the steam collects it fills the receiving vessel with the sacred oil.

Attar is many things,

  • A comfort and soother for souls reminding them of their spiritual home.
  • It invokes a feeling of security and comfort.
  • The essence is mystical as it connects the earth and the ether in a way that invokes the super senses of the soul.
  • It is a Celebration of Life on Earth, a great reminder of the honor to be alive.

I look forward to visiting India to learn more from these distillers and seek out special crafted mitti attars. The ancient forgotten city, Kannaij that sits on the banks of the Ganges River is known for their creation of this earth essence.  This along with experiencing all the plant dyes in India will be an epic experience for me since my other passion involves natural fibers and plant dyes. The spiritual experience will be the icing on the cake.

Mitti Attars are becoming more and more rare. You can find Mitti Attar here and can rest assure the it is of the highest quality.

What have you experienced with Mitti Attar? Did you resonate with the attributes I have shared here? Let me know what you think. Much love and many many blessings.

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