How Enemas Help You Heal and Cleanse for Great Health

Have you ever done an enema? Or maybe you were squeamish to even try. In this post we will go over a few different enemas solutions and how they can help you heal and cleanse your body to stay disease resistant. Perhaps this post will make you feel more open to give them a try. It is not that bad.

I remember being skiddish to try it out at first, but once you get used to it it can be a helpful tool in your natural health path.

How Enemas are a More Cost Effective Solution than Colonics

I have spent a couple of years going and having colonics done by a well trained professional. This was a luxurious treatment and really I had no idea how easy it was to do it yourself with an enema bag for much less cost.

Beyond that you are gaining more of an understanding of your own body mechanics and becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to healing your body.

What I have found is that both are incredible processes both giving astounding results. My colonics were performed utilizing an open system with oxygen therapy as well as probiotic implant administered at the end.

I realized I could get similar results with my own enemas at home and do implants at the end. This is a more cost effective option as well as the comfort of your own home.


I have decided to start a series of different enema’s at home to see what kind of results I got.

In the last two weeks I have done a Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Distilled Water Enema with a 2 quart enema bag: 2 Tbs. ACV : 2 Quarts of Water.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar wards off unwanted virus and bacteria and is a wonderful cleansing agent. This will also help with allergies, asthma or clogged sinuses. I also enjoy substituting Organic fresh squeezed Lemon juice for the ACV to balance the ph of the intestinal tract.

How to Perform A High Water Enema

To administer this enema solution take 2 quarts of warm distilled water and add to the enema bucket.

Be sure the bottom clamp is shut. You need to also lube the tip of the hose with castor oil or some other organic oil like coconut.

It is best to have your backside elevated and your head towards the ground on a pillow. In this way the water easily flows into the colon working to get through the entire colon. Water is truly the number one solvent. Keep in mind you must use distilled water or very clean water.

I lay down on my right side and massage my stomach and abdomen. There are pressure points on the hands along the palms that when worked during this process will assist the body’s organs to eliminate waste. I then jump up and down to dislodge old fecal matter that has been lodged in the intestinal system.

After around 10 to 15 minutes I purge the waste into the toilet and allow myself at least 15 minutes to have 4 bowel movements or so.

Implant Enemas

You can try an enema after this which is an implant enema. This will help add in powerful probiotics to your colon. With an enema you wash away some of the good and bad bacteria. In this way we can feed the colon the type of probiotics we really want.

Take a small bulb enema like this one. The reason you want something small like this is because for this type of enema you will be retaining and holding it. You want to take a few ounces of distilled warm water and add a scoopful of a high potency probiotic.

Make sure it is dissolved and then lay down and after lubing the tip insert into the rectum until all the solution is in your lower colon. Sit for 10 or 15 minutes. If you can it is best to retain it. Sometimes it is good to do this before bed so that you are not walking about.

This can make you release the solution that you are intending to keep inside you and absorb.

coffee enema

Other Enemas for Mega Health

Have you heard of a coffee enema? Coffee enemas are a way to detoxify your liver and ultimately clean up the blood. When someone is dealing with a serious disease this type of enema can be a great tool to help move out toxins and give the liver some support.

I wrote an Intro Guide to the coffee enema here.

Enjoy your enema’s and Be Well.

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