Enemas for Radiant Health

I have spent a couple of years going and having colonics done by a well trained professional. This was a luxurious treatment and really I had no idea how easy it was to do it yourself with an enema bag for much less cost. Beyond that you are gaining more innerstanding of your own body mechanics and becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to healing your body.

What I have found is that both are incredible processes both giving astounding results. My colonics were performed utilizing an open system with oxygen therapy as well as probiotic implant administered at the end.

Now, however, I have decided to start a series of different enema’s at home to see what kind of results I get. In the last two weeks I have done a Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Distilled Water Enema with a 2 quart enema bag: 2 Tbs. ACV : 2 Quarts of Water. I administer the enema solution and with my face to the ground and butt up in the area the water flows like a high enema into the colon working as the number ONE solvent. I lay down on my right side and massage my stomach and abdomen. There are pressure points on the hands along the palms that when worked during this process will assist the body’s organs to eliminate waste. I then jump up and down to dislodge old fecal matter that has been lodged in the intestinal system. After around 10 to 15 minutes I purge the waste into the toilet and allow myself atleast 15 minutes to have 4 bowel movements or so. At this point you are then ready to do an implant enema. If at this point you feel your bowels are not cleaned out administer another enema of water and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar words off unwanted virus and bacteria and is a wonderful cleansing agent. This will also help with allergies, asthma or clogged sinuses. I also enjoy substituting Organic fresh squeezed Lemon juice for the ACV to balance the ph of the intestinal tract. After this I enjoy either a coffee enema to detoxify the liver or I go for a wheatgrass implant or probiotic implant. As you experiment with different implants you will find what your body requires at any given time.

Enjoy your enema’s and Be Well!