Driving the Canyon Road to Malibu on a Beautiful Summer Morning.

I was headed to Malibu yesterday and  what an incredible experience it is every time I get the chance to leisurely drive Kanan Road to the coast in Malibu.

It is always such a healing experience. From the canyon views to hitting that one point where you finally see the big ocean blue it is truly awe inspiring.  Yesterday I saw wild fennel growing as well as wild celery and flowers. I think there is probably a good amount of Chaparral growing back there too.  Chaparral grows in abundance in desert climates and is great brewed as a sun tea to cleanse and purify the blood of uric acid and toxins. I am going to make some today. Simply place about 3 tbs. of dried Chaparral in a mason jar and fill with spring water. Let this sit out in the sun for a few hours. Even better put it on the earth and let it out for a full 24 hours to also receive the moon’s energy. This is a great time to do this here in California as the full moon is upon us. The full moon’s energy is powerful and magical. Make a combination of different herbs that you feel will assist your body and brew a full moon tea.

Powerful Wild Sun Tea

Once you get a handle on what plants and herbs are safe to eat you can enjoy going on hikes where wild foods are abundant and enjoy them as sun teas or in fresh pressed juice or chopped into salads.  I have mentioned in a previous post about the healing nature of wild foods. Remember wild foods create an energy signature in the body that exudes authenticity, adaptability and true nourishment. The thing is those wild foods are not helped along by man and so they must find a way to survive. There roots grow long, strong and deep. Enjoy them and thank them for it!

They are also not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals and do not get watered regularly by tap water. This is really good news for us.

Chicken Crossing:)

So, the rest of my journey to my friend’s home in Malibu was wonderful. And along the way I got to check out the neighbor’s farm.

It is gorgeous and this family is completely living sustainably. It is a full on organic and thriving farm equipped with chickens, tangerines, lemons, salad greens, pomegranate and the list goes on!

I find that it takes a little investigation and being open to search to find the true hidden gems in any area. Don’t you? I am glad that I was willing to go on an adventure yesterday to find new places, people and even a few chickens!

Our infinite nature is always available to us and guides us to incredible places, people and events.  Here is the view from my final resting stop yesterday in Malibu.

Relaxing at the infinity pool and giving thanks for the magic of our infinite nature, the mana (power)  of this area  and the beauty of the hidden coves and canyons of Malibu.

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