There are Always a Few Diamonds in the Ruff

Recently I took a trip to Sacramento and was so glad to find a few Diamonds in the Ruff.  Parts of Sacramento are a bit disheveled just like any city really.  It reminded me of Baltimore in that way. You can find the Diamonds there too, just takes some intention to find what you want.

Funny enough the two places I found have been on my “to do list” for the last year now and I actually made it happen last month.  The trip turned out even better than planned which is always a blessing.

My first point of interest was the lovely Green Boheme Restaurant nestled in Sacramento on Del Paso Boulevard.Image

I had been wanting to try the Raw Vegan French Toast ever since I came across it while searching the internet. Not only was there french toast on the menu but Crepes as well. Quelle Doucer! And I mean that was sweet and yummy and wow, wow, wow!  Not only did I totally love the vibes of the place and the painting on the wall but also the radio station they were playing was reggae all day.  They had all kinds of choices from sprouted rice dishes to Mexican Tostadas.  The Dessert of the Day  was a raw vegan ice cream cookie sandwich Are you kidding?! A  small amount was plenty as this was a super rich and decadent treat. What  a fun experience on a hot summer day.

The other place I wanted to check out in Sacramento was the Green’s Hotel.  The Greens Hotel was literally a block away from the Green Boheme, so just a fun stroll away.  Unlike other hotels this unique and dynamic spot had hard wood floors in the room, a large private patio, an outside common area to hang out, play music, relax amidst tons of lively plants and flowers and  plenty of funky art in the form of installations & wall hangings.  With overall good vibes  Jeff the groundsman was an artist and had a great down to earth presence. I was so stoked on the whole place and am happy to go back and bring friends next time.   The patio was lined with unique desert cacti and gnarly looking succulents; a great spot to play our guitars on a warm summer’s eve.

While staying at The Green’s we also found some awesome trails that lined the river.  I really enjoyed running those trails as they were covered with wild foliage and full of earthly energy. The bike path’s around the college in Sacramento are pretty awesome too.  As we left to head to Napa we stopped by the Sacramento Co-op for some yummy treats like cultured veggies, cultured cashew cheese and local blueberries.  Good times & Great Vibes in Sacramento.

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