Detoxifying and Maintaining Radiance

I mentioned the Netti Pot in a recent blog and I wanted to just mention a great regime for daily maintenance of the body.  Since we are surrounded by many toxic substances it is really important to adapt to the environment and honor the body at our best.  Here are some things I recommend and do daily to clean out the channels.

1.  Netti Pot Daily to clean out the sinus cavity of smog, pollution and all kinds of particles that get lodged in the sinus cavity.  After you do this your breath becomes longer, slower and deeper.

2.  Gargle with salt water, use a tongue scraper, floss daily and brush teeth with sodium bicarbonate and/or something similar. A high quality medicinal oil blend is also great for the gums. Ascended health brand is nice or make your own.

3.  Coconut Oil Pulling in the mouth is really helpful for getting rid of toxic metals and other unhealthy bacterias. Do this atleast 5 minutes per day and at your best for 20 minutes preferably.

4. DMSO in the eyes can be a great benefit to eye health, it may sting a bit in the beginning but what goes in the eyes is going into the entire system. The build up that crusts in the inner eye can be from parasite waste and other unhealthy toxins expelling from the body. Clean up your body to get clear and calm!

5.  Apply oregano oil or rizols to the ears externally and on other areas of the body. This helps keep the bug levels down. Parasites do not particularly enjoy either of these oils. Rizols are ozonated and very powerful, use your intuition when utilizing Rizols.

6.  Take a clay bath weekly and also put high quality clay directly on the scalp for at least 20 minutes to pull toxins out. I like Morroco Methods Zen Detox scalp therapy but also use other clays.  Zeo force is a nice one for the bath. Be sure to use filtered and clean bath water all ways! Buy a bath/shower filter NOW.

7. Stay in the Now, don’t think about things too much or over analyze, be present to the beauty of your NOW moment.

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    1. Hi Lisa, Coconut oil pulling is ancient technique for detoxifying the body. You place 1 or 2 tbs of the organic raw coconut oil in your mouth (sesame is also used sometimes) and swish in your mouth for about 10 minutes. Spit this out into a trash so you don’t clog your drains and you have just performed your first oil pulling session! Read more about it online. Much LOVE and thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard. xxx

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