Cupid Cacao Super Food Elixir and Valentine’s Day Breakfast


Well I have to say, no Valentine’s Day would be complete with out chocolate and strawberries!  And so today we are creating some yummy goodness that is nutrient dense and easy to digest for this LOVE day.

First I have created a wonderful elixir and here is the instruction on that.  This elixir keeps you going for hours without any sign of hunger b/c you will be fed on a cellular level.

Chaga & Gynostemma Herb Tea Base (Also added Pau D Arco)

Brew this on a very light simmer for about 20 minutes. I like to keep some going all day on the stove top.  You might want to add a vanilla bean and let that simmer into the Tea infusion. This is extra good!

Now you want to create a nut mylk as apart of this base. I took soaked raw almonds ( to release the enzyme inhibitors) and placed a handful in the blender with some pristine water. I added some cinnamon.  Then some Tocotreniols to give it texture and cut the mixture creating a wonderful texture. I then blend and strain this.

Now you strain your tea base and pour this into your blender with the nut mylk . Another option for mylk would be hemp seed mylk.

Next I add another Tablespoon of Tocotreniols and some drops of Stevia.  Stevia will not spike your blood sugar and that is why I choose this sweetener. Xylitol would work or the actual stevia leaf could be steeped with your tea. Another option is Licorice Root Powder and Lucuma.  All of these together would round out a beautiful sweet taste. If you are not concerned with blood sugar and the healthy bacteria in your stomach is strong then go for some great wild raw honey as your sweetener. The nutrient content in honey is extensive.

Next lets add some superfoods like Shilajit, Incan Spirulina, Maca, Ho Shou Wu, Cacao Powder (generous portion), Whole Cacao Beans ( a few), Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly (1/4 tsp.)

Be sure to not hit it too hard with Shilajit or Spirulina, you want the drink to taste round, full and complex with subtle hints of the superfoods and predominantly a hot chocolate taste and texture!

Wow It is really tasty and keeps you sustained for hours and hours. Enjoy this!

Next I made some cultured almond coconut yogurt & garnished my plate with a few strawberries!

To create this you can purchase the kefir starter on my blog here. Just go to

build strong immunity and get the kefir starter. If you go to one of my past posts you can find the recipe for making the yogurt. Its simple!

Enjoy with strawberries! Our strawberries are still fruiting here in Thousand Oaks!

Benefits of the Elixir:

Chaga- Healthy Immune System

Gyno Stemma-Immunity, Adaptogen, Strength, Endurance

Pau D Arco- Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammitory  NOTE- This stuff is incredible if you feel a cold coming on do a foot bath with 6 steeped tea bags of Pau D Arco tea and wow!!! You will be amazed at its’ power.  You will now hold it in high reverance.

You can read more about all the incredible super foods I put into the elixir but just know they are feeding you and helping to keep the body in great health. Ho Shou Wu is incredible for the blood vessels. Shilajit mineralizes the body, Maca balances the hormones, high quality Spirulina gives us protein for use in the body…better yet get it fermented and wow..this is a powerhouse of nutrients!

Cacao is the highest food in Magnesium on the planet.  It is a weight loss food! It nurtures the jing, qi and shen (in Chinese Medicine). Enjoy it for its longevity benefits in moderation.

Especially enjoy it today…Valentine’s Day!!!

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