Creator’s Cacao

You know what gives me tremendous joy?  Creating Nutrient Rich Gourmet Living foods in the Ital Kitchen. OH Yes it is what sends me to the blissful abyss~!  I  often imagine my dream kitchen and think of how it will be the most epic kitchen ever. A commercial kitchen set up so that anything I make could be sold at market whether it is cultured vegetables, almond coconut yogurt with fresh ground vanilla bean, rainbow sushi  wraps or super galactic chocolates! It is such a pleasure to create in the kitchen.

I remember when I was in Jamaica and as I was walking home from dinner with my friends, A lovely woman was selling pies right out of
her beach front kitchen window. It was cozy and soulful. I just loved
the whole vibe. Once while visiting Costa Rica I met a woman whom had
a small restaurant at her home and every night she made fresh
cuisine. The menu changed daily! The kitchen was open for you to see
in and you sat at bar stools while she created. The aromas, the
clanking of pots,the steam arising from the dish station, the tropical foliage surrounding you, It was quite magical for the senses. She invited me to make some food with her one night. It was
truly inspiring.
My ideal kitchen is indoor/outdoor with tropical breezes and
occasionally a fun storm brews up so that I get to make incredible
creations to sit, sip and watch the storm.

My little nephew Beau inspired this post because he recently went into the cupboards and found my heart molds for making chocolate. He handed it to me and made a few baby words that I know mean, “Can we make Chocolate?”  What a love muffin he is. Beau loves when I make chocolates. He reminds me of myself as a kid.  I LOVED chocolate back then and I love it now.

As my love for health grew I gravitated towards yummy creations made from real, wholesome cacao that had not been processed, instead a fermentation takes place and keeps the nutrients intact making a super food.  I look forward to making chocolate in the Ital kitchen as well as things like cheesy endives filled with paprika cultured cashew cheese served warm from the dehydrator  Or how about a raw vegan chocolate filled croissant! (I am still awaiting to receive the download on how to make). The Angel Juicer will sit on my thick, wooden cutting block station where pressed juices can create the base for recipes or just to simply drink and hydrate.  Dinner gatherings and cocktail parties with health promoting elixirs will be a joy to facilitate and create.

At the time when I began really enjoying the chocolate making  I was studying under a Shaman and we did a lot of talking about the Creator of life and all things. It is then that I had the magical idea to name the Chocolates. I chose Creator’s Cacao because it made perfect sense. I am in the holy flow while creating in the Ital Kitchen.  It is like I am on autopilot just enjoying and laughing and tasting while Creator flows through.

Creator’s Cacao
Art Work by Joshua Madrid

Have you ever seen the movie Ratatouille? If you have you will know what I mean.  In the movie the Chef gets all of his skills from a little mouse that sits in his Chef’s  hat on his Crown Chakra, but of Course!

My niece calls me the Chef and often when I make her food we pretend we are at an imaginary restaurant.

Creating in the kitchen and making nourishing, living foods is an honor, a gift and a wonderful contribution to the world. I do it out of love, appreciation and for the joy of it.

Stop by the Ital Kitchen any time.  Soon I will post an incredible chocolate recipe. Live Aloha!

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