Consider a Light Transfusion

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Today I woke to meditate and had this thought, what if instead of illnesses being healed outside of one’s self through blood transfusions or any other multitude of tools;  we empowered ourselves and received light transfusions daily for rejuvenation. Let me say I am not discounting a blood transfusion as of course it has its place in medicine. But for those who want to get to the root of imbalance consider the light transfusion too.

For some this will be way too far out, and I encourage you to leave the post if its not for you! But if it is something you would consider to remember from where you came, bring back the power of the divine counterpart and recharge the battery of your soul then stick around!

At the conch of our third eye is a light, this is the command center where we the soul, the spirit reside and allow for everything to operate, the great operator behind the scenes of the movie of life. The more we remember who we really are, a point of great light that does not waiver, our vibration raises and it encompasses our whole reality. It is this light that we are that we must continue to stay centered on and it is the qualities of the Supreme that we can focus on to achieve a happy, healthy and ‘wholy’ life. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and see what happens. Or maybe you are a seasoned practitioner of this type of connection. Awesome.

But how do we receive a light transfusion and heal our own selves, mind, body and soul? We tune into the power station and receive a light transfusion from the Supreme Light. This then can encapsulate our whole being and bring massive upliftment and power to our lives, our perspective changes and we embody our true nature. The qualities we imbibe are unique to our own highest expression.

Here is an exercise to Experience the Light Transfusion

Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed with comfortable clothing. Focus on the point of light that you are at the third eye. With the eyes closed you focus on this light and remember your innate qualities as a soul. This connects you back to the power of the Supreme. At that point the Grand white light can nourish and feed your light and download into the body in all areas requiring a light upgrade in the form of what I call a light transfusion.

It may take more time in certain parts as the light engulfs an area that was particularly down regulated, dark or out of vibration with the light energy of peace, radiance, love, joy and bliss. The virtues of our true nature is what we are here to remember, cultivate and bring forth in our unique expression. Let the light engulf your being for at least 20 minutes. Breathe in the powers of invincibility, the virtues which never leave us and breathe out the darkness or the characteristics and programs you picked up along the way.

As you do this the Great purifier works like a sauna treatment burning off the old stuck gunk and allows your true nature to shine. Giving your soul a sauna is one of the greatest things we can do. Allow the Supreme light to cleanse and purify your nature. Instead of trying to empty your mind, focus on the power virtues of love, peace, purity and remember the feelings of these virtues.

Practice this daily and watch as your point of light grows stronger, you become as solid as a rock yet bending and flowing like the branches of a tree. Your confidence builds as you become whole and complete. This energetic frequency allows us to meditate our true and pure expressions in the world. This may be the most important practice one could embody and receive.

*Mudra of Light: I am Light. I am Life.I am Love. I am Peace. I am Beauty. I am the Sweet Truth. I am my Joyful thoughts which I offer to The SUPREME as my Gift. My will and your will are the same, as I live from my Heart and give all my JOY to the world. Sat Nam Ji.

***Dedicated to Dan Milstein our friend in Divine who transitioned recently. He taught the Mudra of Light in Prisons across the globe for liberation.

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