Conscious Goal Setting

Surrendering to life’s holy flow is a wonderful principle to imbibe.  However, if we do not create our on goals deliberately, we can become lost in a sea of mass consciousness.  Depending on whom you put yourself around this may not be such a bad thing, however if you want to be the Creator and Director of your life experience you might consider conscious goal setting today!

With cell phone towers, chem trails, electro magnetic frequencies and other types of brain wash currently surrounding most of the population it is wise to tune into the wise Creator that you are.  If we create a specific set of goals to achieve in our life and meditate on this file daily we can then watch our life line up and create the best path of least resistance for the file to come to fruition.

Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy

No matter where you are on your life journey you can begin a new just by creating this master goal file. The best way to do this is to write it down on paper or if you prefer to type it out that will do. Once you have your goal file created you can simply read it aloud and then take about 10 to 15 minutes per day to meditate on this file.  Choosing a time of day that you have limited distractions is best. It is also important to be in a peaceful state of mind, willing and open to receive your highest good.

If you require help creating your goals just start to ask yourself quality questions. Quality questions often dictate the quality of our life experience. First we want to ask ourselves:

How do I want to think?

How do I want to feel?

How do I want to relate to others and the world?

How do I want create my best life?

Where do I want to live?

What is my true purpose?

These are just a few quality questions we might ask ourselves.  Begin to get clear about your purpose and if you had all the resources in the world how would you live your life, what might you do to give back to the world? Think big, think unlimited, thing effortless creation!

As the universe conspires with you to create your dreams you will begin to trust the universe (multiverese) more. WE can trust the universe now knowing we are always supported and guided.

When we consciously create we let go of the old patterns or karmas we might be holding on to. We also then let go of the mass consciousness surrounding us and deliberately reroute ourselves to create the truth which is our birth right.  True surrender and letting go is the best way to create a life of purpose. This is where the magic flows and life becomes a beautiful stream of miracles!

All is well and So it is!

Please leave a comment below and add any quality questions you might ask yourself while creating your Master Goal File!

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  1. You also do the Five Rites. Do you feel they should be done slowly and time spent on each ‘hold’ for better results? Have you tried them both fast and slow? I have been doing the Rites for many years and have realised that when you hold the pose for a few seconds, it is akin to a powerful work-out.

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