Cleaning the Sinus’s with a Netti Pot

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The Sinus Cavity is a place where debris can become stuck and if you live in a city or anywhere really in the world you are faced with many pollution challenges.  Smog, Chem Trails, Car Exhaust, Heavy Metals..these are just a few of the toxic materials we inhale daily. Because of this it is a great idea to get in the habit of cleansing the sinus cavity with a netti pot daily.  It is like brushing your teeth, but for your sinus cavity.

Point: Our society is far from superior hygeine these days, but rather “logeine”.  Let’s reclaim this sovereign attribute with a few healthy shifts.

I make a point to make this apart of my daily morning rituals. What are some of your morning rituals? For me I enjoy meditation, skin brushing, hot/cold showers, my netti pot cleanse, lots of fresh spring water and usually a tonic herb drink to start my day.

It is pretty simple to do and all you need is a netti pot, high quality salt and clean warm water. You can find instructions and information on how to do a netti pot on you tube or other informative sites.

I was super skiddish to do this at first, I really did not like the idea of water going into my nose. But when you angle your head to the side just right and be mindful of your breath as you breathe out thru the nose, the water runs out and you are well on your way to a clean sinus cavity.

The use of a netti pot is an ancient teaching. On a deeper level it can be a way to clean out the energy channels. Just try it and see how wonderful the benefits truly are.

Once you begin to get comfortable with it you can experiment with new extract powders to add to your Netti Pot. For instance, Black Shilajit might be a great way to de-calcify the pineal gland. This is a huge benefit and a low cost solution! David Wolfe wants told me to, “just use your urine” as the solution in your netti pot!

So go out and get yourself a netti pot, make it apart of your daily regime:)

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