Beyond the Ego….

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Have you ever thought about who you are beyond your physical body? I bet you have, if you are here at the sacred backyard blog.  We are a conscious group of beings! We realize the truth is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  So when we see things from this vantage point we have the ability to go beyond time and space.

Spirit Girl
Spirit Girl

Join me for a moment and close your eyes. Take some long, slow, deep breath’s.  Unzip your skin suit and give your soul the opportunity to zip around the room wild and free.  Watch your spirit flutter around like a glowing butterfly or firefly. Feel the brilliance that you are.

The Ego is not in itself a bad thing. It is neither good or bad. It can help us in sticky situations and offer us instinct which can be healthy in situations. However it is important to be very aware of the Ego and what power we give it. It’s kinda like a riding a horse. When you ride a horse do you let the horse take you wherever or go or do you steer and lead the way?

Creating more peace and contentment is a sign you are taming the Ego.  One great way to do this is to keep an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances.  This literally changes your perspective and trains the mind to focus on the positive. Even if you have negative thoughts but can catch them and find something in the situation to be grateful for you have succeeded.  What we want to avoid is letting the negative thought take us on some crazy ride that only dis-empowers and keeps us further peace and happiness.  The more gratitude we have the more we attract the life we truly want.  When we hold gratitude in our hearts we are closer to our true nature.

An Attitude of Gratitude
An Attitude of Gratitude

Having gratitude is simple yet profound! It brings more abundance and more wonderful things into our lives.

So unzip from your skin suit as often as you like. This little exercise can allow you to go beyond the Ego and be lighter about the circumstances of life.   Remember your true identity goes beyond this physical body and you have a huge purpose here. Let go, Forgive yourself and others. Let your heart shine and your soul sing. One of the BEST ways to move through huge barriers in your life is to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. Whether it is towards yourself or another it is powerful work.  I have found that forgiving your parents is a powerful way to get to the root of much non forgiveness in your current life. Having forgiveness for your parents opens the portal to your lineage line and can heal lifetime’s of pain and dis-ease. You might look into the Hawaiian atonement and reconciliation practice of Hoʻoponopono.  This can do wonders on your soul and the psyche. 

The more inner beauty we have by cleaning up our negative thoughts, false beliefs and identities we can begin to experience peace, contentment and our true identity. We know this has happened when we see more outer beauty in our selves and the world.   When we are being authentic in our expression we have arrived beyond the Ego into the realm of magic, humble power and we then open up our gifts to the world.  May this post inspire you to recognize your true identity and flourish. Many blessings and Much LOVE.

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So..Chillax, Forgive, Let It Go…:)

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