Bathe and Nourish Yourself in a Sea of Chi & Give Yourself an Energy Wash

Most of us are familiar with the idea and truth that everything is energy. We are swimming in energy all day long. When we begin to recognize this energy as something we can nourish our bodies with we really can see and feel the subtle energy shifts within our cells.

We can gain strength, stamina, youthfulness, deeper and restful sleep, clear mind, warm and comfortable body, positive attitude, clear skin and bright eyes.

A few key things to remember as you take in this chi or life power energy is that we receive this chi from the heavens and from the earth. We receive from the crown of our head and the perineum (this is the area located b/t the anus and the vulva in women or in men the scrotum).

You actually feed yourself like a tree does its roots thru the perineum as long as you are aware of the energy that you bring into your body. A great exercise is stand bear foot on the earth and lift your toes up at your best. Now you will notice that the ball of your foot or what is known as your “bubbling spring point” is now activated and ready to receive earth energy. As this energy meets in your belly area or power center with that of your crown’s energy coming from the heavens you then have a powerful presence that unites these vortexes of chi. You can do this indoors to but it is especially nice to be grounded on the earth.

Now you can sit with legs spread, spine straight and lift your toes up off the ground to activate the bubbling spring point. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Now you can open them and begin to rub your hands vigorously together. Separate your hands a few inches apart and feel the warmth and power b/t your hands. This is chi, this is your life power. In Reiki we utilize this energy to direct into the body to harmonize and restore the cells to wholeness. However, anyone can access this universal life energy.

Now start to tap the top of your head with your finger tips. This activates the pineal & pituitary gland. You can go to the base of your neck and begin to tap there, then massage your neck.

You can now start to massage your fingers and in between them. You will want to massage your hands and then pull on each finger. Do this with your feet too! Try to put each finger in b/t your toes. If you can not do that then just simply massage in b/t the toes and start to move them about then pull on each. This gets the water flowing in your body as well as the energy.

Massage the bottom of your feet. Here is where pressure points are that connect with all of our organs. You will want to take the fist of your hand and kneed in the base of your foot. Massage the ankle and up the calves. Now cup your hand it tap the bottoms of your feet.

You can now move to the legs. Cup the palm of your hand and begin to go up and down your legs. Slap the legs on the sides, back and front. You will want to get your hip joints really well and please make sure to tap on the area around your scrotum or vulva plus the inside of the leg area. This area can accumulate stagnant energy so be sure to tap this area with your finger tips.

Now let your back flex and take fisted hands and tap on the kidneys and larger muscles of the buttocks. You can go up and down the spine with these fists as you move the energy in these area.

After this is complete with a straight spine raise both hands above the head and clasp together moving from side to side while breathing. You can now gather the energy around your body and bring it into the power center. Move your hands clockwise in a circular motion while massaging your stomach. This will activate the digestive juices and recognize your stomach for a moment, which we often forget how important it is.

Then go counter clockwise with the opposite hand on top.

Take a moment to enjoy the free flowing energy now circulating thru your body.

I would like to soon create a video so that you will have an actual image to go by and learn. In the mean time you can go to your local library and find Jennifer Kries Life Force Power Work out in order to get a full download of this practice.


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