Activate Your DNA Through Ancestral Healing

Cell And Soul Cell Around

Akaal means deathless and is a chant traditionally chanted to help
a soul crossover, as well as to ease the pain of grief and loss.

Akaal reminds us too of our infinite nature and the reminder of our eternal life.  Our ancestors are deeply embedded into the fabric of our being.  To forgive and ask forgiveness from the ancestral matrix is a powerful choice we can make daily in order to master the art of living in these realms.

As we humble ourselves and recognize that we are a culmination of our ancestors we embark on a deeper journey.  Our blood, bones, dna codes, cellular structure and bio-field resonates this energy.

We are also multi-dimensional beings that have the power to co-create and make manifest the unknown.  It is our duty to clean up our past, and realize our responsibilities to each other and our ancestors in order to navigate our path with power and the blessing of our ancestral matrix.

To be here now through peace making in the presence, honor and respect of all our relations allows for our dna and gene codes to be uplifted with light, love and perfection.

With this power behind, above, below, beside and within us life takes on a new energy current. We begin to activate our full potential in the world.

Only when our wounds are healed, sealed through this matrix clearing may we take on that multi-dimensional codex and know True self in this realm.

 Let this post assist you to seal the matrix and may you be blessed with the light of the naam. Perhaps play the video and follow along with the lyrics. Feel your ancestral matrix, assist those that may have not transitioned to the light.  Heal the cellular structure of your being so that you too can go home this life time. So Be It.

Mother I feel you under my feet
Father I hear your heartbeat within me
My spirit flies free
Carry me home


All my relations I can hear you loud
The story circles it comes back around
We chant akaal and watch them all go through
That door I never saw I never knew
Me and You
We come from earth and water
Straight from that mountain’s daughter
Back to the Mother we must journey now
We ride it up up on the wings of sound
Here it now
That holy tree is upside down
Branches in the ground
Those roots and sky open third eye
Now pass the nectar round
Inside the heart is that eternal space
That melody showed me my own true face
You chant akaal chant akaal
All in the One
One in the all
Love on the rise it never falls
Reach out your hand and I can pull you in
Reach out your hand and I can pull you in


Can you see the faces of the mothers of your past
They are calling for your healing

Can you see the faces of the fathers of your past
They are calling for your healing

All My Relations, Behold God, Sat Nam.

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