Aloe Leaf is Nature’s First Food

Aloe leaf is an incredible healing super food to add to your arsenal if you are not consuming and using it on your skin already. I believe it is one of Nature’s foundational foods for our bodies. When internally taken it soothes and heals the digestive tract with all of its enzymes and nutrients intact it will ease and coat the intestinal walls acting like a gentle sweep of old matter stuck in the system.  It also gives us healthy and glowing skin when applied after bathing. Just fillet open the leaf and apply to your skin.  The lubricating effects of aloe are so great because of the polysacchrides that make up the plant. It is actually beneficial for your joints, brain and the entire nervous system.

Aloe contains sulfur, zinc, selenium, chromium, amino acids and Vitamins A, C, & E.  It is such an incredibly healing food for the body.

Most health food stores have fresh Aloe leafs or look for some growing near you.

Fillet the skin off and blend into juices & smoothies.

It also is a prebiotic which means it assists the friendly bacteria to grow in our guts. This is crucial b/c our gut is really like a “second brain.”  If the friendly microbes are flourishing and the bowels are moving adequately our bodies and minds are truly at peace.

If you have any kind of digestive disorder or have a history of consuming processed and denatured foods enjoy aloe daily to heal the tract.

It also aids in weight loss b/c it promotes lean muscle building and the burning of fat cells.

It has the ability to heal or prevent skin damage. I like to use it as a natural sun skin protectant. B/C of its natural zinc content it is great for this. Avoid the high heat times of the day and enjoy sunbathing in the early part of the day or late afternoon.

Well enjoy your Aloe and Keep On Glowing!!!!!

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