A Magic Filled Evening Through Cellular Movement

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an Ecstatic Dance class right here in my backyard. Well not literally in the sacred backyard, but down the street.  The way it all happened was a synchronistic event of being in the holy flow for all involved.  What a true blessing it was.

Cellular Movement to Enhance Consciousness

The class took place at a building where music lessons on drumming are held. It is nestled in Thousand Oaks near a spiritual center, meditation gardens, an akashic book store called The Hummingbird and Honey bee. I believe those are the owner’s totem guides.  It feels that this particular area of Thousand Oaks has more mana or power than other parts.

As I entered the building on what was  a humid, overcast night in Thousand Oaks (very unique and rare for this area and truly a blessing as rain felt near). my new friend Suzanne and I were greeted by a lovely blue eyed goddess with a rare pink gemstone necklace. The vibes were warm and real.

The building was clean and had a free energy about it. What was so incredibly lovely is it was just 4 of us that night. It was like we had this private class of myself, Suzanne, Lisa and  David. As the music began we had so much to explore as there were many instruments in different parts of the room to play and experiment during the class. From a double bass to gongs, pianos, drums, Tibetan bowls etc.

Ecstatic dance allows you the freedom to move your body and all its parts in a way that you may have never done before. There is a super connection to the breath and the life running through the body which allows for a complete alignment with your source. In that space you can then journey into a meditation of whatever you choose. For me I was enjoying so many incredible feelings and taking myself to a good feeling place in order to manifest those things I would like most in my life. The essence of Ecstatic dance is that it allows you to free yourself from blockages. Although there are many ways to do this dancing for me is one of THE best ways ever. I feel we overcome limitations of all kinds through this type of experience. We give ourselves permission to be free.

On a practical level this is an incredible way to get the lymphatic system pumping and to break a real sweat. Our bodies are live breathing organisms. As we connect with the breath it give it our full awareness it can be a deeply connected experience. Some might compare it to a shamanic journey.

As the class ended we came together in a circle and held hands. The circuit of energy was very strong for quite some time. We laughed and acknowledged it closely. It was a true feeling of satori, expansion and inner peace.  It felt like a real connection to the cosmos with a grounded sense of awareness. Some get there through deep prayer and meditation or perhaps through a powerful kundalini yoga class. Whatever is the most fun and gets you connected is where you will find that place. For me ecstatic dance is one of the places I can go to receive this attunement.

We have the power to create magical and mystical lives. As I drove home a wonderful sense of calmness overcame. As I lay in bed I thought,  “how could the evening get any better”? And it did, in that moment a light rain began to fall. Rain is so powerful as it calms the brain waves and gives us a feeling of relaxation. What a way to embrace a Magic Filled Evening as the rain kissed the earth good night.

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