Spiritual Warfare and Beyond…


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Yesterday, on an early morning walk, while the terpenes were rich in the air, I looked up in the sky as I do.  Amidst the beautiful clear, crisp blue sky was a huge white streak in the air – that lingered and lingered.

As some know this is far from a contrail. In fact, contrails disappear quite rapidly after a plane cruises by. This indeed is a chemical trail, or for short a chemtrail.

Perhaps some feel its a conspiracy theory, but for those of you that see it as I do, then perhaps its time to take a look at what to do about it. With each problem comes its antidote,  its’ soulution.

In the past my response was unsettling to these sky poisons, but now when I see a chemtrail my response is compassion and forgiveness for myself and others.  If it appears in your reality than you had a part in allowing it into your reality so why beat yourself up? Why not use the tool of forgiveness and compassion and move forward?

The main tool we have that is being suppressed is our very own consciousness. When enough people are at a tipping point of service to others I believe we will be able to make the grand shift with the consciousness tool alone creating  a heaven on earth type situation. But as long as consciousness is suppressed it will be very challenging to move forward.

So one of the best approaches to this in my humble experience is to forgive yourself and forgive those that are choosing to spray these deeply harmful substances into our atmosphere.

Let’s talk about what is in a chemical trail, to gain some perspective here, and to innerstand how it spreads into our body and consciousness. The main technology used is scalar wave technology.  When the chemical trail is produced and HAARP helps to create wind, rain or any other weather manipulation it penetrates the atmosphere and its inhabitants.

HAARP then spreads the viruses, metals and bacteria by using these poisons as fuel for the EMF signals and HAARP transmissions via the scalar waves. It magnifies these materials into the biosphere.

What that means is that, not only our bodies but our minds and spirits are experiencing a type of attack. This equates to not only biological warfare, but psychological and spiritual warfare.

We are susceptible to this manipulation at the very core of our being unless we become aware and make some adjustments to our lifestyle. The luche (darkside) energy then is what magnifies in peoples consciousness when consciousness is lost.

Look around and see for yourself. The other day on my walk, I past a woman whom was busily smoking her cigarette, looking down at her cell phone occasionally looking up to watch her step. I sent her love and blessings. I am her and she is me.

This is exactly the type of example that shows just what kind of power it can hold if we allow it. The phones also emit this mind controlling energies and bacterias. How much do you spend time on your cell phone?

Most people hardly even look up at the sky! The sky is somewhere we “should”  be looking up at often. Not only to see what is going on with these chemtrails for awareness so we can clear the energy of it,  but to connect with extra terrestials, nature and of course to spiritually connect or sungaze as the sun sets or rises.

So here is a list of things found in Chemical Trails (probably more but this is what I have so far via Dr Group and Dr. Cousens)….

The Chemical Trail Cocktail

Bio-Nano Particles – These particles, especially the aluminum particles being spread in the atmosphere penetrate the brain and spine. These particles create an inflammatory response. They get in through the olfactory nerves and pass through the blood brain barrier. This is a main factor in brain diseases that are labeled as alzheimer’s and dementia.

Fungus, Viruses and Bacteria – This is just one of the reasons I recommend a ketogenic diet packed with living foods.  All sugar and even fruit (most is hybrid and is full of sugar) sugars will feed these viruses and bacteria. We have to do whatever it takes to keep these infections to a bare minimum.  If you have trouble with this it’s time to let go of the ego and ask for God’s help. We can not do things by our own will alone, we need the help of our Creator.

Or perhaps you live by a different philosophy, in this case you have a free will and I know there are more ways than one to go about ascension of course. I don’t claim to be perfect but I sure do know that once you are in connection with Great Spirit and you truly love yourself then you are guided to eat those things that support your well being. So BE that.

The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit will help you purge your body of both chemical and metal toxins, which can lead to serious health concerns.

Morgellon’s Disease – I suggest looking up this disease. Iodine is important in combatting this disease. Most people are so low in iodine and all the nano particles and metals take its place making it hard for you thyroid to run the show.

Ethylene Diobromide – This dumbs us down and is known to be one of the deadliest toxins of all.

Barium Oxide & Artificial Polymers – Used to mirror the dark consciousness via the emf’s and HAARP technology

My post is called Spiritual Warfare because indeed this is an attack on the very essence of our nature. The desire to inhibit the powerful connection with the source of all creation is a way to dumb us down so we forget our power.

My Suggestions:

  • Learn to create an intimate connection with Your Creator. Tap into that spiritual presence as often as possible. Connect with a group call that you resonate with that meets with the intention of the highest good. The call that I meet with daily does just that and it really assists me to be apart of the collective energy. We create a very powerful group energy, we send healing to the planet, to the dark forces and to ourselves. We embody quality silence together and work with the Elohim Council.
  • Pray and meditate.
  • Be aware of your diet and lifestyle choices. I can assist you!
  • Learn to detoxify your body without oxidizing it. I teach this in my programs.
  • Do what you can to bring awareness about this subject to our current President. Forgiveness is the key and the more we genuinely work to live in a compassionate way the more we shift our reality.
  • I highly recommend alkalizing your body and doing periodic heavy metal cleanses.
  • Learn about Advanced Electro Medicine and engulf your body in these higher frequencies
  • Consume Scalar Salt
  • Decrease iron levels so you are not a magnet for radiation.

May we all be blessed with our spiritual power to do great things in this life. So Be It.

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