Personal Healing Session


Experience a One on One Distance Healing Session.  Spark your innate connection with the Creator, your Ancestral Matrix, and Self.


This one on one Healing Session is a 44 minute distance session via Skype, Zoom or by Phone.

Through ancestral healing prayers, personal prayers and inviting in the presence of the Infinite Creator we will create a healing energy to wrap around your energetic and physical body.

The format and structure is designed to clear stuck programs through peace making with your ancestral matrix, self and others.

My initiation into Usui Reiki was established in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri with a Traditional Shaman Elder. It was there I experienced a multidimensional experience with sentient beings from another dimension.  They were celebrating life and I could hear them even through out a powerful thunder and lightning storm on the land.

Through this healing session, we activate an intimate connection with Source. It is then up to you to keep up this connection through daily practice. Daily practice is how we master the art of Super Natural Living.

Through these intentional prayers, we have the ability to clear the problems of the past and move into a new space in our mind and hearts.

Illness manifests when there is dis-alignment with the character and the soul. This can be rectified through peace making and clearing the program running. We are all our own healer. So Be That.


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